henry, NW Portland

Weekends, Lately.

This weekend consisted of:
A haircut. No bangs. After all the hype, I know. Next time!
Long walks around the city.
Our first trip to the Farmer’s Market this year.
Cappucinos, fresh-baked olive bread and puppy cuddles at Lovejoy Bakers with my mom and sis.
Dinner at Russell Street BBQ {oh.em.gee. so good.}
Nike Hoop Summit
Lots of Friday Night Lights. We’re hooked.
A puppy-free Sunday cause our boy was at the vet (Henry lost his manhood if you know what I mean…).
Sunday brunch at Tasty n Sons. I’m kind of obsessed with this place, aside from the horrendous 45 min. wait.
Dinner at the in-laws. Always fun. Always leave feeling so blessed to have such amazing family.

Hope your weekend was amazing! Hoping for a stress-free work week πŸ™‚

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  1. Aw, Frenchie or Boston? We have a Boston mix, and I can't WAIT to take him to get snipped. He's such a humper already at only 4 months!

  2. Aw, Frenchie or Boston? We have a Boston mix, and I can't WAIT to take him to get snipped. He's such a humper already at only 4 months!

  3. yum! What did you order at Tasty n Son's? I looked at their menu and it looks delicious but daunting:)
    We went to Besaw's this weekend…I did a review on my blog if you want to check it out! I totally relate to the 45 minute wait.. same story there, but worth it:)

  4. look like a lot of fun and activity took place! How exciting. Glad to see you guys had fun. AND so sad when our doggies have to be DE-MANNED. I feel like Jude didn't know what who he was for a few days afterwards… hehe


  5. Ohyygahh, these pictures! If there is anyone who makes me more excited about moving back to Portland than my family, it is YOU! These pictures of Portland are so amazing — I cannot wait to be there.

    Also, Russel Street BBQ – I. Know. Top five favorite restaurants in Portland. IMO. '
    We'll have to go! Hope you're well and ready to catch up after I graduate!

  6. Gorgeous pictures, as usual! FYI, my husband and I are also hooked on Friday Night Lights – best show on television, in my opinion!

  7. MayLove – He's a Frenchie/Boston mix!

    Mandee – We were overwhelmed by the menu, too! We got the SautΓ©ed Spinach with sunny side up egg (sounds boring but it was SO GOOD), Fried Egg & Cheddar Biscuit with fried chicken, Auntie Paula's French Toast, and the biscuit/gravy they had on special. My one complaint was I was the Fried Egg & Cheddar biscuit came with gravy- it was a tad dry. We are fans of Pine State, and we thought their biscuit sandwich was better. But the atmosphere is fun and the food is delicious. I highly recommend it! We love Besaw's, too! I'm also a benedict fan πŸ™‚ Have you tried the crab benedict at Veritable Quandry? You will die. It is crazy good!

  8. gorgeous photos.. i miss portland! the trees look so pretty now that they are blooming! also MISS FNL!! i watched the first two seasons and then stopped (still dont know why!) glad you had a great weekend πŸ™‚ xoxo jcd :: ps im hosting a interior design link up! post about your dream room or decor wishlist and link up at cornflake dreams all week!

  9. So many pictures right by my office! Fun πŸ™‚ And I will have to try Tasty N Sons. Haven't been there yet. Happy Monday!

  10. 1. I went to my first farmer's market of the year this weekend too. Pure bliss.

    2. Those tree blossoms are gorgeous.

    3. I mean. I sort of had a feeling we'd make great friends. Seeing as you're cool and I'm cool. heh heh… but now that I know you're into FNL, I'm totally convinced. πŸ˜‰

    oh.. and can we talk about Tim Riggins?

  11. what fun photos of your weekend! I keep hearing good things about Friday Night Lights. Perhaps we should check it out.

    cute pup and cute blog!

  12. I recently discovered Friday Night Lights too and watched all of the seasons in such a short amount of time I'm embarrassed to say. It is so addicting!

  13. This is definitely a topic that closes to me so I’m happy that you wrote about it. I’m also happy that you did the subject some justice. Not only do you know a great deal about it, you know how to present in a way that people will want to read more. I’m so happy to know someone like you exists on the web

  14. hope the pup is ok! sounded like a great weekend. your photos totally portray ease and relaxation- I always love them.
    i hope you'll come by mine this week and participate in the spring photo share… cuz you seriously need to show your photography off.


  15. Liz, if this is what living in the NW is like … I am so there.

    And that last picture of Henry is cracking me up.

    PS: I have a feeling when we blate we will be lifelong blater/bffs.

  16. this looked like such an amazing weekend! i love your photos from all around the city and the farmer's market — makes me want to visit Portland!! and your poor pup!! hope Henry is on the mend πŸ™‚

  17. Seeing these photos makes me miss Portland. I love the cherry blossoms because they bring so much life and color to the city.

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