The Big Bang Debate

No, not the Big Bang Theory… The “I want bangs, but can’t decide if they are worth the hassle” debate. 

So, for those of you who are relatively new to the ‘ol blog, let me refresh your memory. I thought about getting bangs for a long time before the wedding. But considering I wasn’t willing to take any major hair risks at any point before our big day, I waited until after our wedding. I did it. I loved them. For two days. 

You see, they were in my eyes. Like, I couldn’t really open my eyes and they would constantly water and I would feel really dumb winking at people I didn’t know all that well through entire conversations. So I got fed up and quickly grew them out. Now, I have a hair appointment next Friday and I’m sort of thinking I didn’t give them enough of a chance, and I’m sort of itching to get them again.

Please, please help me. Should I give bangs another try? Or keep my hair as it is? I need your help!

Thinking to do them a tad thicker and a tad shorter this time. I love these bangs:
 {via Luella}

58 thoughts on “The Big Bang Debate”

  1. Watch this video from Mimi of Luxy Hair Extensions. Not only does she have the most gorgeous hair & bangs, but she shows you how to style them in 5 different ways!! They look so great on her they make ME want to get bangs!!

  2. bangs are always cute..but i got them in november & have been waiting for the day that they are fully grown out. & i am not a fan of having bangs in the summer for myself..but you can pull it off:)

  3. Why didn’t I think about this? I hear exactly what you’re saying and I’m so happy that I came across your blog. You really know what you’re talking about, and you made me feel like I should learn more about this. Thanks for this; I’m officially a huge fan of your blog.

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