Oh, Hello…

You guys, this week has been crazy so far. We have a super sick pup on our hands, which = no sleep, major exhaustion, and on top of it all, work is nuts. I’ve been coming home every night, eating dinner and pretty much falling into bed. I hope I survive the rest of the week. 

I wish I could say we can relax this weekend, but we’ve got three birthday shindigs. Pray I get some energy back so I can celebrate with the best of ’em! Hope you’re all having a great week. Hope to be back to regular posting soon…

{a photo of Italy because… why not? The Flip Side via Patterson Maker}

16 thoughts on “Oh, Hello…”

  1. If it is tummy problems for the pup, try a can of pure pumpkin (give him just a teaspoon or 2). It works wonders and our pup looooves it. Have definitely been at the grocery store at odd hours looking for some… 😉

  2. I'm thinking positive thoughts for you right now and sending them virtually as I type. Just think Friday is almost here and I'm sure even with 3 shindigs you'll get some relaxtion in there and a nice cocktail of some kind. I hope the rest of the week goes quickly for you.

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