fill in the blank friday

Fill in the Blank Friday!

Playing along with Lauren over at The Little Things We Do! Fill in the blanks and link up with her on her blog. Trust me, it’s fun!

My most prized possession is       does our puppy, Henry, count? If not, I would say my engagement ring. It’s the most valuable thing I own and Corey had it custom made and it means so much to me. I never, ever take it off and I feel so proud to wear it!

2.  If I could be one age for the rest of my life, I would want to be  
I don’t know that I’ve experienced an age that I would want to be the rest of my life. Each year is such an amazing journey and learning experience that I haven’t looked back yet, I’m just looking forward. An age I think will be awesome would be 28 or 29… Even though I haven’t reached that age yet, in my mind, I feel like at that point Corey and I will probably own a home, be even more established in our relationship and our marriage, will hopefully either have a bebe on the way or already have one and will be further in our careers… Those are things I daydream of for our future, but for now we are just loving life as it is and feeling extremely blessed!
3.  The best way to spend a weekend is   with my hubby, family, friends and Henry. Just add in some sunshine, good food and fun cocktails and that is sheer bliss. 
4.  My outlook on life is    you create your happiness. If you are unhappy in your life, relationship, job, etc, do something about it. Sure it may be easier said than done, but you’re either exerting energy being miserable and complaining all the time or you’re putting that energy into doing something to get yourself out of whatever’s got you down. I’m not saying I’m always happy and in a good mood, but even when I am grouchy I try my best to realize that I can turn my day, week, life around. 
5.  If you want to annoy me, just     go 30 miles an hour getting on the freeway. People in Portland don’t know how to merge and it drives me CRAZY!
6.  I am completely defenseless when it comes to   cheese… or puppies. HAHA
7.  When dressing for the day one should    put something on that makes them feel confident and comfortable (well, I sacrifice comfort in the name of fashion sometimes, but I think it’s worth it). Also, something that represents you and your style, not trying to mimic something that just doesn’t suit you. And whatever you wear.. OWN IT!

28 thoughts on “Fill in the Blank Friday!”

  1. Cute post!

    Ugh I am with you… merging on to the freeway, do people have a death wish… wait a hit list?!? WE WILL ALL DIE IF YOU KEEP DRIVING LIKE THIS!!! hahahah

    Now you have to put a picture of your ring up. I am a little OCD with rings and wedding gowns. You made tons of great points I can relate to and agree with!

  2. the jeweler that custom made my ring said I should take my ring off when I shower. the shampoo/soap build a hard to get off scum on the ring and it will dull the shinyness of your most prized possession! I bought a 3 pegged hook from Anthro (in turquoise) and I hung it in our bedroom above the light switch and every night I hang my keys there along with my ring and put it back on after my shower! I dont like taking it off but I love how shiny it always is!

  3. Puppies definitely count 🙂 And I loved your answer to your age question, sounds like you have a lot of plans and things to look forward to soon. That is always so nice to look to- I especially liked how you noted you'll be more invested in your career and your relationship, so sweet. And number 4 is a great answer, very true. I always try to remind myself that I hold the steering wheel of my life (such a lame metaphor..). And number 5, hahah, so true! Oregonians are so slow!

  4. you got a really sweet and personal blog! thanks for dropping over mine, I wish i'm back in europe now!!! anywys, i'll be back again, see ya!

  5. I think if I lived i Portland we would be friends : ) I totally love spending my weekends the same way you do..with family and friends and my 3 year old daughter. And I love your outlook on life and I truly believe this as well.

  6. thank you so much for your comment on my blog! if im every in portland, i will most definitely check out that gourmet pb&j place, sounds like my kind a place 🙂 and what a treat to find your blog! i will most definitely be following you righhhhttttt…. now! 🙂


  7. thanks for popping by and commenting on my blog. and your photo compliment means alot after looking around here and seeing all your beautiful photos! i like you're photog. style;)
    oh, and puppies totally count as a favorite posession.
    consider me your newest bloggy follower. Hope you pop by again!

  8. Inspiring post! I was struck by your outlook in life. It was really a turning point wherein I pause and reflect on my past deeds. You know life is always full of uncertainties that would make go like this and that but I admire your answer just by saying “do something about it”. That was uplifting, thanks.

  9. amen! portland drivers are TERRIBLE at merging – for real. i have a teensy bit of road rage….just a teensy bit though (ok, ok….maybe kind of a lot)!

    thanks for playing along….even though i'm just getting by to read your blanks now!


  10. I love this series! One day I'll have more time in the AM to participate too. Of course Henry counts and I woudl say “yes” to the engagement ring as well – it means so much, its priceless. I especially love your answer to #7 and I so agree.

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