Weekend Snaps

This past weekend, which seems ages ago now, my sister was in town from LA. She hadn’t come back to Portland since our wedding in August, so she was eager to see our new place and our new pup. She fell in love with Henry instantly (I mean, who wouldn’t, right? hehe). We spent the weekend going out to eat a lot (Serrato, Kenny & Zukes Sandwichworks, Vivace–all which I recommend!) and just catching up. It was super nice to have her and her husband around, and I was extremely sad to see them go. Here are a couple photos from the weekend.

This is my version of an outfit post.. Me taking a dorky picture of myself in the mirror… I felt really dumb doing it, but I’ve had a couple requests for more outfit photos on here, so let me know what you think and if you’d like to see more πŸ™‚ And if you don’t and think I look dumb.. Just keep that to yourself! hahaΒ 

{J Brand Jeans, Nike 6.0 Pocket Tank, F21 faux leather jacket (borrowed from my sis), Sam Edelman Boots}

No explanation necessary for the next couple πŸ™‚

Saturday morning it was beautiful. We walked up to Vivace for crepes and cappucinos and even sat outside!Β 
Then we headed over to Wallace Park for a Frenchie meetup! It was SO muddy. I got covered in mud. Henry was covered in slobber and mud. He had a lot of fun, as you can imagine. We’ll definitely take him back!
Had to stop for a kiss. They’re in love.

37 thoughts on “Weekend Snaps”

  1. I love your outfit post! Those pants look great on you. That crepe looks heavenly. What a fun morning!


  2. Super cute outfit! I am loving bell-bottoms right now! Just got some from GAP…always been a fave of mine so I'm glad to see they are back and that I'm not the only one wearing them πŸ™‚

  3. please keep the outfit posts coming.

    you're so adorable and so is your sis.

    and a frenchie meet up? that's like heaven to me.

    liz, you're the cutest.

  4. your gorgeous!
    Portland looks really nice :). I would love to visit that place sometime. Not too far from California either…
    Your sister is gorgeous and I love when my doggie gives me kisses. He is so amazing…


  5. Liz, you are so cute and so is your pup! I love the outfit and i think you should for sure do more outfit posts! ps. frenchie meet up! best thing ever?

  6. awwww!! I love your dog! We are wanting one of these dogs. Do they shed a lot? How are they with kids? I want that crepe!!! Great photos!

  7. LOVE the outfit posts — you're adorable and so stylish!! and how fun did your walk look, especially w/ those crepes πŸ™‚

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