Happy Monday!

This weekend, I fell in love with these custom iPhone cases…

…And did many other wonderful things. So many that I am utterly exhausted and haven’t had a chance to upload photos. Will share tomorrow, promise! Hope you had a great weekend!

{via Elements of Style}

27 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. OMG I LOVE these…I want one so bad! Although Im not sure it could keep up with my accident prone self! Worth the risk for cuteness I think 😉

    Emily … thepostscriptofemilywilsondesign.blogspot.com

  2. Those cases are super cute!!! Do you know if they make them for any other types of phones? I have an Android. Hopefully since Verizon has the iPhone now I will be getting one soon.

  3. these are awesome. i need a case for my iphone, i am too scared of smashing it like i have already done once haha. cant wait for your weekend photos x

  4. I saw those covers a while ago and fell in love. Too bad they are only for iphone and not Blackberry or I would totally scoop one up. I hope you feel better, sorry you are home sick!

  5. Yes!! I saw these too, they are fab! I'm such an instant gratification type so I couldn't wait the shipping time (: thanks for peeking at the blog-love both of yours!! Love from your blog friend the city north of you(:

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