{Beach} Weekend Recap

Better late than never… Ready for photo overload? Last weekend we ventured down to Bella Beach with our friends Meghan and Jeff (and Henry of course). We’d never been to this particular beach, but we absolutely fell in love. This place is the cutest little community of beach cottages. I like to call it Pleasantville, because it just looks picture perfect! 

We spent the weekend playing games, chatting, laughing and throwing back a couple brewskies (or margs or wine or whatever…). Oh! I almost forgot to mention it was sunny. Oregon Coast in March, sunny? Yes, yes it’s true. It was truly blissful!! It was an absolute blast! We can’t wait to go back.

45 thoughts on “{Beach} Weekend Recap”

  1. I am ready to plan my vacation to the Oregon coast now. What gorgeous pictures! And your dog checking out that turtle is a precious scene!

  2. 1. Looks like SUCH a fun weekend.
    2. I am in love with your little Henry in these pics, especially the ones with the turtle!
    3. The red boots are adorable.


  3. this looks like the cutest place ever. and you're right those houses look straight out of pleasantville! i love weekends at the beach!

  4. Great pics as always, Liz. I love the Oregon coast & how awesome that it was sunny?!

    Henry is so cute in that pic of him trying to reach for the turtle!

  5. I was just about to make reservations at Bella Beach today! Have you seen Olivia Beach? It's owned by the same company and it's at the south end of Lincoln City…anyways thats where we always go and love it so much! You are right, it seriously is like Pleasantville! Which house did you guys stay in at Bella? I think both of the houses we are looking at are in your first picture!

    Oh and I love those pictures of Henry and the turtle! So cute!

  6. Becca, I did see the houses at Olivia Beach, too! They also looked adorable! We stayed at “Park Place”, the little house second from the left in the first picture. It was adorable and I definitely recommend it!

    And I'm so glad everyone is enjoying the pictures of Henry and the turtle. I was dying he was being SO CUTE trying to get that little thing off the coffee table! 🙂

  7. This looks amazing!! Liz, do you mind if I ask who did you go through for the rentals? I would love to book one of these places but am not familiar with the Oregon coast.

  8. Thanks for finding my blog… your blog is adorable. I love all those pictures from the Oregon coast. Especially the pictures of your dog trying to get that turtle. I would love to go there some day… I have still never been to the Pacific Northwest, and it looks just beautiful.

  9. oh wow i love every single one of these pictures! especially the jenga section.

    thanks for visiting and leaving a comment!
    new follower 🙂

  10. gasp! total Pleasantville! i can see the vibe everywhere and what a wonderful time it sounded like. but okay, your puppy and the turtles face-off is my fave thing ever!!!!!!! so cute is what. board games, beach roams and friendster visits are the best thing ever. happy to hear it was heavenly. ♥

    pea ess: thanks so much for visiting me, great to find you lades.

  11. oh my, another frenchie!..haha..ur killing me…wow, looks like the perfect weekend..can't wait for summer!

    p.s. thank you so much for stopping by my page…now following.. hope you can also, i just started and would really appreciate the support!

    p.s.s ur not crazy, lol, been hearing the halle thing for years!

  12. I think the pictures you posted were amazing. I really think the west is beautiful. I was looking to go to school at gonzaga university. If things look that beautiful i may have to change my scenery. Love your blog btw! 🙂

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  14. Hi Liz!
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