Comfort Food

Husband has been feeling sick this week, so I thought I’d be a good wifey and cook him up some comfort food. I made this soup. We both agreed it didn’t knock our socks off. Maybe a little too much potato or something. But the grilled cheese… Oh, the grilled cheese. It was a bit gourmet and a lot delicious. Pugliese bread, pesto spread and sharp white cheddar. Pop it onto the panini grill and hello yum! I highly recommend you try this at home. 

11 thoughts on “Comfort Food”

  1. Yes, Yum.
    Kill it with a Skillet!

    My Mama made a great soup she found from Sunset Magazine. She messed it up and it was so much better for it. Broth + artichoke + spicy chicken sausage + Swiss chard = light and rich.

    Now, I'll have to be nice to her so I can get another bowl.

    Cheers!… be well.

    Wellness shot = grated ginger + grated garlic + fresh lemon juice + honey…and chase it with warm water.

  2. Liz! You totally inspired me tonight…we made a cheddar beer soup with grilled cheese. My grilled cheese was not nearly is good as yours, but check out this recipe…. http://tinyurl.com/6jsl4t5

    I think the two of you would like it! And we bough rosemary olive oil bread to dip it in! YUM.

  3. I accidentally stumbled upon your blog while looking up how to plant peonies on my balcony and then I entered a 6 hour time warp. I read your blog from end to end. I am so inspired! And your blog has come a long way! Your newest pictures are simply amazing. You make me want to go out and just…DO THINGS!

    I sent my friend your blog and she is not one to read these things but she got far enough to see these mini grilled cheeses and she cooked up a bunch of variatons and they turned out to be a slice of heaven!

    Thanks for sharing:)

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