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Let It Snow…

We’re expecting (a tiny bit of) snow in Portland today. Who knows if it will actually happen, but I am crossing my fingers really hard it does. I love, love, love snow! Even if my snowy daydreams don’t come true today, we  have a weekend trip to Mt. Hood planned in a couple weeks, so I can get my snow fix in then!

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10 thoughts on “Let It Snow…”

  1. Oh snow… they're calling for some in Baltimore today too. Maybe 1-2 inches, maybe 6-12 – know one seems to really know but I'm hoping for lots and lots!

  2. It snowed in Seattle yesterday & “should” start snowing here soon again today. I'll cross my fingers it snows in Portland for you!

  3. By the looks of the sky I'd say it's gonna snow in the next few hours! I love the way the sky looks when it's snowing! Come on snow!!!

  4. Ooh love all these photos! Chicago had a snowstorm yesterday, but it's sunny today and I absolutely LOVE how bright it is outside.

    Hope you're having a great week! 🙂
    xo laura marie

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