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Weekend Recap + Henry Overload

I had one of the most uneventful weekends ever. At the end of last week I started feeling a cold coming on. Thankfully, things were so busy last week I worked through the symptoms, but come Friday evening it all came crashing down. So, I spent pretty much the entire weekend in bed. No, seriously. I only went outside twice to take the dog out for, like, five minutes max. I’m just hoping I rested enough to be able to take on this week. It’s a big one… And a very busy one. Wish me luck!

And so you don’t hate me and think I’m the worst blogger ever, here are just a few (ha!) iPhone photos of our beloved Henry. We are completely and utterly obsessed. Sometimes I dream about being a stay at home mama for our furbaby… And then he tries to chew everything in sight and bites my face and pees in the house 🙂 Ah, the joys of puppy parenthood! 

21 thoughts on “Weekend Recap + Henry Overload”

  1. oh my goodness! henry is seriously the cutest thing EVER! so sweet! enjoy his puppy-hood, because they turn into big dogs soon. i know that sounds silly, like something people say about children, but it's true :).

  2. ok wow…first, it's kinda eery how much alike my weekend post is. no, like, really alike. i promise i didn't read this first and then post…because i have it scheduled to post tomorrow morning but i wrote it tonight. and my weekend was exactly the same. spent in bed, under different circumstances, and then i posted pictures of my furbaby..only 2, but still. and my dog's name is winston and he's a pug! henry is so cute i want to steal him!! i remember the days of bites in the face and pee in the house. i don't miss those days, but i hate that my puppy is 6! 🙂

  3. oh man I love the one with him sleeping with his chin on the table! Sooo cute! I love that he sleeps with his arms in the air too!

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