Back to Reality…

I can’t believe 2011 is here. And that vacation time has ended. No more sleeping in until 10 (thank goodness for an amazing husband who wakes up early to take the pup out), staying in my PJs watching trashy TV all day, puppy naps and snores on my lap. No more four mile walks on a perfect winter day. No more brunch with friends. Sigh. It was a lovely 12 days, but now it’s back to work. And while I’ll try my hardest not to, I’ll probably be daydreaming of being at home with my boys all day. 

13 thoughts on “Back to Reality…”

  1. i didn't know if i was going to make it today. i've been off work/working from home for the past three weeks. even though i didn't want to do it – it was nice to dress up today and head out into the real world. but 6am came pretty early!!!

  2. Hi Liz!!

    I just went through all of your recent posts to catch up on things in your world; you have been so busy and engaged in tons of fun things! Henry, your Christmas tree, holiday dinners, the candy cane hearts, everything is so lovely! Hopefully the return to work wasn't too bad and you are adapting to the routine nicely. Glad to see your cute little family is doing so well! Hugs to you girlfriend!

    xo Rhi

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