Meet Henry!

We got a puppy!!! Sorry for the poor iphone photos. We just picked him up today and we’re busy playing, loving and teaching. More soon! 

P.S. Nobody guessed it! Even after all my recent puppy posts! I thought I was making it so obvious!
P.P.S He’s currently sleeping in my lap, husband sleeping next to us, and I couldn’t be more content. Happy holidays!!

20 thoughts on “Meet Henry!”

  1. Hello cute little Henry. I love the name Henry, but my last name starts with He… so I don't think it'll ever work out. It completely suits your little guy, though 🙂

  2. Welcome to puppy parenthood; Henry is adorable!!! If you have not already done so, you should check out the dog park at Wallace Park on NW 25th. It usually has a great mix of dogs.

    – Julia (mom to Lucy, an 8 month old Sheltie)

  3. Thanks for all the sweet comments on our new pup! He makes us so ridiculously happy!

    My coat is from Urban Outfitters! I bought it last year, but they still have it online right now (only in black and white though). It's called the “Pins and Needles Hooded Dress Coat”. Hope that helps!

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