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Weekend Snaps

I haven’t been great about uploading photos, so here are pictures from the last couple of weekends. 

{a gorgeous winter sunset}
{some holiday photos before Corey’s team Christmas soiree}
{oh, Christmas tree…}
{still need to post photos of our apartment, but here’s a peek at our bedside table}
{we encountered some intense stairs on our West Hills walk Sunday morning}
{me and my lovey all bundled up for the walk}
{hard-earned beers after our trek}

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! It’s hard to believe Christmas is just a few days away. I can’t wait for almost two weeks off work! 

11 thoughts on “Weekend Snaps”

  1. You are so gorgeous. I love seeing pictures of you and your hubby because you just look so gosh darn happy together.

    And your decorations are perfect. Merry Christmas!


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