Make Yourself at Home

While I love a gorgeous styled shoot as much as the next girl, there is something so genuine and intimate about plane ol’ photos of you and your love in the place you call home. I’d definitely like to do a portrait session in our little apartment someday, and if it looked half as perfect as this one, I’d be ecstatic.Β 

Aren’t they just the cutest couple?! And her hair… Could it be more gorgeous? Love, love, loving these photos!Β 

23 thoughts on “Make Yourself at Home”

  1. i loooove these! i feel like i never see engagement photos inside someones home. it should happen more often. when you've got a home like that though – how could you not?

  2. i agree 100% with you!

    i'm interning with lisa warninger of urban weeds and recently helped put together an album for a family who had all their photos taken in their home and it was so sweet! ….especially compared to the family who had all their photos taken at the park. also cute, but nothing intimate about it. so much better seeing someone in their natural environment – i think you probably get more honest interactions that way as well :).

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  4. So amazing and yes her hair!! Gorgeous. I think I would love something like this too Liz. The whole photo shoot in your home deal. It's romantic and lovely. Thanks for the inspiration xo

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