My Christmas List

Well, folks. Here it is. Hoping Santa will bring me these goodies this year! 

1. Hunter Wellies. I got some knock-offs earlier this year, but my itch just hasn’t been scratched. I want the real thing!
2. Cole Haan Maria Sharapova Hobo Bag. I’m currently handbag-less and I’m thinking it’s about time I added one into my life. This one is just the right size, and I love the color!
3. A Tropical Vacation. Mexico. The Caribbean. Hawaii. Heck, I’ll take a Palm Springs weekend. I need to see the sun soon, or I might melt.
4. Canon 75-300mm f/4-5.6 Lens. I love my 50mm 1.4, but I need a zoom lens. I haven’t done a ton of research, but my one giant requirement is that it has to be affordable. Let me know if you have a zoom lens you love!
5. A KitchenAid Mixer. It would make baking much more enjoyable, and much easier. Enough said!
6. Last, but certainly not least, a PUPPY! We’re ready to add a furbaby to our lives. Look at that face!! 

What’s on your list?

17 thoughts on “My Christmas List”

  1. I agree! The Hunters are amazing. I got my first pair earlier this fall and can't believe how awesome they've been. I got them in black but I also think the navy would be wonderful. I hope Santa brings you everything on your list — especially a puppy!


  2. such a great list! i just pulled all my leftover wedding gift cards together and bought a kitchenaid mixer! i haven't used it yet, but it looks pretty in my kitchen. i went with the metallic chrome, but I LOOOVVEE the blue in your list. (My second choice was Pistachio…)

  3. i have a tamron 18-270 with vibration control (highly recommend) for my canon and it works beautifully. unfortunately, we paid $700 for it two years ago and it's $400 now.

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