Our Thanksgiving Tablescape

I put this table together in a day, and used things we already had or were inexpensive and easy to get the day before Thanksgiving. You might recognize our wedding napkins. My mom and mother-in-law hand-sewed them so we love putting them to great use. We also used a couple birch bark sleeves from our wedding, pears for each seat, gold spray-painted globe artichokes, and chargers and plates my mom already had. It was definitely challenging to get 15 people around one table, but we did it, and it was the perfect Thanksgiving! 

12 thoughts on “Our Thanksgiving Tablescape”

  1. gorgeous liz! did you already have all those chairs! love the colors of them! and your photography is gorgeous! seriously love the 3rd pictures down. what camera/lens do you use?

  2. Nicole,

    Yes, those are my mom's chairs, her whole house is very bright and colorful!

    I'm using a Rebel T1i and a 50mm 1.4 lens. I love both!!

  3. Liz, your blog name pulled me in (I am in Seattle) and I am so glad I visited. What a nice blog you have created, and you are so creative! The table looks fantastic! Your guests must have wished they had brought their own cameras!

    ox, Mon

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