Charity: Water Help Needed!

If you’re reading this blog, you probably know the amazing reach and impact of the blogging community. Every day we share such inspiration, and many eventually turn this into a career, or start an online publication or realize a new passion. Today we have the opportunity to come together and show the power of this amazing online community we’re a part of and benefit an extremely important cause.

Lauren at Aspiring Kennedy, Kelly of luxe + lillies and Helena from A Diary of Lovely have started a project they’re calling Well Done. It benefits Charity: Water, an organization that is trying to provide clean drinking water to every human on the planet. A water well costs $5,000 and Kelly got word of a student that has already raised $4,000 and we want to help them get that remaining $1,000. 

Please donate what you can, $2, $5, $10, $100… Whatever you can afford. Think of something you can give up this week, a latte, a bottle of wine, a dinner out, and instead donate to this amazing charity, and use the power of the blogging community for good. Go here to make a donation.

Go! Donate now! Don’t say you’ll do it later, you won’t. And you’ll regret it. It takes three minutes and it is so worth it. 

And of course, grab the button, spread the word, make an impact!

5 thoughts on “Charity: Water Help Needed!”

  1. Yay for spreading the word! Just donated (: Exciting to come together as a community to benefit so many others who don't have water. Inspiring to see everyone donating!

  2. i havent said hi in a while but just wanted to do it. I have of course been stopping by and i love looking at all of your wedding pictures. congrats! I would still love to meet up for coffee sometime.

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