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Weekend Snaps

Happy Monday! I totally missed my happy Friday post! Whoops! I feel like that’s how life has been these days. I can hardly believe when another week has passed as they are flying by so quickly. Autumn is in full swing here in Portland and it is seriously gorgeous! Here are some photos from the weekend. 

Fall in our neighborhood:
Spiked cider and simply delicious food at Jo Bar:
A gorgeous surprise from Corey. But I may have appreciated the sparkly clean apartment and heartwarming card even more!!

A portrait of the cutest pup I know!

21 thoughts on “Weekend Snaps”

  1. Lovely autumn colours of Portland, and a cute dog too. I also just posted photos from the Japanese Garden in Portland with its amazing colours from back in 2004. Have you visited it?

  2. So lovely! The colors are already done being gorgeous around my house, and everything is covered in that sort of non-colored deadness 🙁 I'm glad there is still some color around somewhere for people to enjoy!

  3. Thanks, Helena! I get bored of my blog layouts so fast, I wanted a change, something simpler. I did this one by myself! Hope everyone is enjoying it! The header is a work in progress.

  4. what great pictures. my husband and i just moved from oregon to the midwest…and these pictures make me miss oregon (minus the rain)


  5. Beautiful!!! I love the leaves!!! I've lived in Arizona my ENTIRE life. I'm tired of it! How do you like Portland? How is the construction industry?

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