9 thoughts on “Mini Cooper + Airstream”

  1. That is amazing! My best friend and I both drive Minis (completely unplanned) and we have been talking about camping at Assateague Island. This would be perfect!

  2. Now THAT is super fun – almost makes me want to go camping, even though I'm not really an outdoors kind of gal!

  3. Wow – yes I can see why you are lusting. Just amazingly cool. I had a mini as a courtesy car when my car was being fixed and I have to say – it made me a little travel sick driving it! There is so much going on on the dashboard, I had to force myself to concentrate on the road and stop looking at the cute dials! Lou x

  4. well I own both…but there's no way even with a JCW on my S that i can pull my 19ft bambi. pipe dreams regards

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