Two Months!!!

With just two months to go I am anxious to see how all the details of our big day will come together. I’m feeling extremely comforted by the words of fellow Portland blogger, Kae, of Paper Morning

“As much as I loved my wedding, I am sooooo glad it’s behind me. Marriage is so much more joyous than a wedding ever could be.”

I can’t wait for August 7th to commit my love to Corey, but I’m even more excited for the days, months and years that will follow. 

4 thoughts on “Two Months!!!”

  1. So read this post and had to laugh a little… I'm in Portland too, my fiance and I are getting married a week after you guys, and his LAST name is Corey. =) lol… sorry, just felt the need to comment on the similarities. =)

  2. AH! So close! And I will attest to that quote. Now married a week and…a day! Ha. So much to look forward to on the big day AND after. Can't wait to read/see all about your beautiful celebration:)

  3. I have only been married just over a week and am so happy to be married but I will say – the big day was TOTALLY worth it and I loved every minute of it. It was really the best day of my life – the important thing to remember is to enjoy the day, take a step back and take it all in.

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