Mrs. Palm Springs {by Mrs. Lilien}

Going back to work after a long weekend is pretty brutal, no? I’m so glad it’s a short week. Extra short for me since my company celebrates a little thing called half-day Friday all summer long. All I can think about is how in just a few short days I’ll be taking off for Palm Springs, enjoying the sun and the company of my sisters and best friends. Ah. I cannot wait! 

How’s a girl supposed to focus on work when she’s got her bachelorette weekend on the brain? 

8 thoughts on “Mrs. Palm Springs {by Mrs. Lilien}”

  1. I just visited Palm Springs last weekend for the first time! I know! My girlfriend and I were thinking what a perfect spot for a bachlorette getaway! LOVE IT. I hope you have the most wonderful time with all your besties.


  2. Can I just jump into your fantasty and put all this stuff on while drinking your vodka? Oh I knew you wouldn't mind.. being that you are going on your vacation tomorrow!!!
    Cute blog, I'm so glad I stumbled up on it =)

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