Rained Out

Well, it’s official. Our engagement photos have been rained out yet again… I’m losing count. I think this is the third time (first time being in Southern California, of all places!). Unfortunately for us we live in one of the rainiest cities in the U.S., my hair turns into a giant frizz ball at the sight of any moisture and (unlike these cute Californians below) I don’t find rain charming. I’ve lived here too long to embrace it! So instead, I whine and wish for sun. Thank goodness I’m escaping to 100-degree paradise (Palm Springs ) next weekend! 

11 thoughts on “Rained Out”

  1. I thought of you at the Farmer's Market yesterday. Peonies were everywhere! And apparently we are growing them at my house too. I hope you have better luck with the weather next time!

  2. brand new to your blog—and i love it!!!

    perhaps these pictures aren't exactly what you were looking for—but they are awesome none-the-less. so sweet!!

  3. I hear ya..Seattle, grey and gloomy right about now. I was in Palm Springs for Memorial Weekend so I'm pretty confident you'll have good luck weather there, it was 101 this past weekend, it felt AMAZING!

  4. Oh I had the same experience as you!!! We canceled at least 3 times over a 2 month period because of rain (and we live in NYC so it's not that rainy usually) and ended up having to take them in the rain anyway. Turned out to be a ton of fun..with the umbrellas and cool storm clouds.

    Love your photos and loving your blog. Thx so much for stopping by mine 🙂 Good luck getting everything done!

  5. those pictures are adorable! after living in pdx for 4 years though, I know what ya mean about being sick of the rain!

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