8 thoughts on “Puppy Love”

  1. Any time you want to come by the Humane Society I'll be thrilled to show you some of my favorite furry friends. We had the sweetest Boston the other day– so perfect for a downtown apartment 😉

  2. Every human anatomy must enjoy pet because puppy love is a good virtue.Every time you can find creatures which are abused and forgotten by heartless individuals.We stay by the estimate,“Your dog is just a man's most useful friend”.But how could it be that you can do such awful what to a companion? Pet generators, pet hoarders,and sloppy homeowners are merely a several greatest contributors to the horrifically offender act. It pauses my center to operate a vehicle to college daily and be greeted by a dog out traveling flatter when compared to a pancake,or simply wandering about searching for leftovers of food and darting out any time only a little baby stays their go out and shouts,“Oh, exactly what a sweet doggy!” And about wherever I stay it's,unfortunately,a day to day scene.

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