National Bike Month

Did you all know May is National Bike Month?! Thanks to Caitlin from Sacramento Street, I’m now aware, and ridiculously excited! Why, do you ask? What exactly does National Bike Month entail? Well… Good question, friends! I haven’t the slightest clue! All I know is I am embarrassingly in love with my pretty, mint green cruiser bike and will take this month as an excuse to ride it (and obsess over it) even more than I already do! That’s all.

{image via Public Bikes}

6 thoughts on “National Bike Month”

  1. ooo fun! i've contemplated buying a bike to ride around toronto with, but like Helena, i'm kind of scared of bikes in the city. i would love a vintage cruiser though…

  2. I need a bike! I almost bought one last year, but never pulled the trigger because of the expense. Perhaps this will be my summer to get out there and ride.

  3. Haha I have a pink mountain bike & ride it everywhere in the summer, good exercise plus helping the environment- whats not to love<3

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