Family Photos

Since our engagement shoot in San Diego got rained out a couple of months ago, Corey and I have a credit for a shoot with our insanely amazing photographer Jill Thomas. We’ve considered a day before (we’ll probably be crazy busy preparing for the big day!) or day after shoot (assuming we’ll be tired and seeing out-of-town friends off), but so far our favorite idea is doing a one year anniversary shoot. Maybe by then we’ll have a doggy of our own and they’ll actually be family photos? And if they turn out half as cute as Naomi, Josh and Kingsley’s family photos, I will be ecstatic. 

{All photos by Leo Patrone via Rock ‘n Roll Bride}

6 thoughts on “Family Photos”

  1. a) hiring Jill Thomas is genius. Love her! And then Leo Patrone's work is also spectacular. And its totally inspiring me to do new family photos with Chloe!

  2. we just had our engagement photos on sunday. it was a whole lot of fun, for sure! but super exhausting as well – two hours of taking direction, going with it on our own, and finding the right spots to shoot. I think giving it a year is a great idea. you'll have time to relax and enjoy married life first!

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