Bridal Shower

This past weekend, I had my first bridal shower. It blew away my expectations. It was above and beyond. I had the best time! And the photos are evidence of that. I had a smile from ear-to-ear pretty much the entire time. Here are some photos from the lovely event! Make sure to read the captions for some more details.Β 

{My sister made and decorated these cookies all by herself. There are coral bridesmaid dresses and a wedding dress + fun wedding cakes.}

{One of my bridesmaids Jenna is a future cupcake shop owner. She made these adorable cupcakes and truffles from scratch. Incredible!}

{I even had a banner- made by Jenna- yippee! I loved it!}

{Me and some of the girlies}

{Me and Jenna (the cupcake extraordinaire)}

{I didn’t stray away from the champagne! Can ya tell?!}

{My sister set up all sorts of fun guessing games}

{Here’s the cookie baker (sissy) and my beautiful Mama!}

{On one side the pillow says “Tonight” and on the other “Not Tonight”– Hilarious!}

{Can you tell I was really excited about getting the fondue set?!}

Thank you to my sisters, bridesmaids, Mama and future mother-in-law, Leslie! I couldn’t have asked for anything more. And a special thanks to my Bestie for these wonderful pictures. They really capture the happiness and excitement of the day.Β 

13 thoughts on “Bridal Shower”

  1. looks like the perfect celebration! how cute are those cookies and cupcakes – what a lucky girl to have such great bridesmaids!

  2. What a fun bridal party! πŸ™‚ I just adore that pillow and must get one for some upcoming weddings.
    ps – you are beautiful and so is your family (and friends for that matter!). It's like knowing you = good looks πŸ™‚ Lucky people!

  3. What a lovely shower! Isn't it wonderful to have people who put such thought & care into something so special? Oh! and those cookies look exquisite!

  4. Liz, where did the shower take place? I am wondering because I want to know if it was a home or a hotel or some other venue because that orange wall is AMAZING. Me being such a design freak, my eye went straight to that wall from the set of photos you'd posted…I love brightly colored walls and have seen neon/lime green and magentas that look really cool, but never an orange like that. It looks rad and inspired me for our next place. Totally loved it. And your green+blue printed dress was super cute too. ! I know I'm so old to these comment threads it's embarassing :/

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