Losing Sight of the Forest Through the Trees

Yesterday was a really crappy day. We found out our landlords sold our beautiful, perfect Pearl District condo and we’ll need to move out. I personally got really wrapped up in my sadness. There were tears. At work. I was stressing about where we would go, how close we are to the wedding and blah blah blah… 

… Until I took a moment to step back, dry my tears, and think about what really matters here. I have an amazing relationship with the man of my dreams and we’re getting married(!!!) and it doesn’t matter if we live in a cardboard box, let alone the suburbs (okay, stings just a little to say that… the burbs…), what really matters is that we’re happy and madly in love

So there it is. I’m over it. Bring it on Beaverton… 

6 thoughts on “Losing Sight of the Forest Through the Trees”

  1. Awe, darn… I hope you find an even better home, Liz!!! I believe sometimes doors close so that (better) new opportunities can be presented to us. Here's to better things on the way in Portland!!! xoxo

  2. I would have cried too 🙂 I am sure it will work out and you'll find your own new favorite places…even in Beaverton.

  3. I feel your pain. I only lived in the Portland area for about 6 weeks, but I lived in an apartment in Beaverton. That town proves all the suburban stereotypes. EVERY house/townhouse/apartment complex looks EXACTLY the same.

    Good luck and don't settle for a place you don't like!


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