A Word of Advice

If you’re in the Portland area and you’ve never tried Pine State Biscuits… GO! It is the epitome of awesome hangover food–fried chicken, cheese and an egg topped with their insanely good gravy (veggie or sausage!) on their flaky, buttery homemade biscuits. Oh man. My mouth just started watering. 
Catch them at the Saturday Market or their Belmont location. And be prepared to wait (so worth it, though). 

P.S. And let’s be clear. This is not on the bridal diet (or, clearly, any diet for that matter). But we all know Saturdays are for cheating, and I can’t think of a meal more deserving!
{photo snapped during our long wait at the Farmer’s Market this weekend}

7 thoughts on “A Word of Advice”

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  2. I somehow magically forget allll about the bride diet from about Friday night – Sunday night….then I'm like, crap! Better get back on board:) These biscuits sound delicious. Wish I wasn't so far from the source!

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