Peony Bouquet

If you couldn’t already tell from the name of my blog, I am quite in love with peonies. They are my all-time favorite flower in the WORLD, and it breaks my heart they aren’t available year-round. Seeing as I’m getting married in early August (after the end of peony season), I might find it difficult to accomplish this within our budget, but my ultimate bouquet would just be a full bunch of peonies (white or pink). 

8 thoughts on “Peony Bouquet”

  1. I love peonies too and wanted them for my wedding. We got married on July 25th and my florist said they would be terribly expensive and probably not look very nice… I had a broken heart over it for awhile. I opted for dahlias instead and they ended up being lovely.

  2. I Heart Peonies big time!!!!!!! I actually just wrote a whole post about them myself. I'm sure there are alternatives that look similar that would be available in August- google “flowers in season” or something like that! Good luck!!

  3. My Favorite too!!! I got married in September, and peonies would have cost $4-5 per stem (1 1/2 yrs ago)! So, I opted for cabbage and garden roses…and I loooooved my bouquet!

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