Beer Bottle Inspiration

Corey and I are proud Portlanders in many, many ways. One of our favorite ways to show our pride is drinking beer from one of our many local breweries 🙂 We’ve talked about how to incorporate our hobbies and things we like to do together into our wedding to make it special and unique to us. One idea we’ve tossed around is using the growlers many breweries use to give beer to-go as flower vases.

Gina Whittington of the event design firm Clink worked on the tablescape for an annual gala for the Austin Wedding and Event Coordinators organization. The theme was “dive bar chic” and she used simple beer bottles (instead of the growlers we’re thinking of using) as vases, and it turned out quite well! Not sure it would work for our wedding tablescapes, but I think it’s definitely in the running for our rehearsal dinner.

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3 thoughts on “Beer Bottle Inspiration”

  1. oh how i miss portland! my husband and i lived there for a few months while he completed an internship during our college years. if we had our first choice, we'd be right there with you!

  2. So glad you liked it! I LOVE Portland, was just there this past fall- only place in the US that has the Austin vibe I love so much 🙂 Plus not a drop of rain on my visit!
    Do y'all brew your own beer? It's a GREAT wedding favor- we are trying it out at a May wedding and adding in root beer for those who don't drink and the kiddos.
    Cheers to Portland!!!!!

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