My Ultimate Dream Home

After our memorable trip to Amsterdam this past November, Corey and I can’t stop daydreaming about moving there full-time. The daydreaming now amplifies as I’ve found the most amazing home nestled along one of the romantic canals. It is decorated flawlessly and has an absolutely stunning rooftop deck overlooking the city (complete with lavender plants!). Despite my best efforts I couldn’t narrow down the number of pictures… So here are a bunch. See even more here.


6 thoughts on “My Ultimate Dream Home”

  1. The bookshelves are what really draw me in. The biggest problem I have is finding space to put my books and my picture frames. Beautiful home!

  2. I'm going to Amsterdam this summer…but not for too long. Any reccomendations of a place to stay? And must-sees if only there for 2-3 days????

    You can email me if its easier!! bethwilson@gmail.com


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