Anything But Perfect

So… most people would never admit to this let alone take a picture of it… My mom even told me I should delete the photo and never show anyone… But personally, I think this is hilarious. And this is honest.

Within the last two months I’ve been out of the country for almost half the time and the other half I was enduring the holidays, so things got a little (a lot) out of control. I decided to take all my piles from around the apartment and make them one giant pile. And then jump on them before sorting them for laundry. Honestly, half this stuff is clean laundry that I got lazy and never folded and then threw on the floor… Do any of you ever do that? Or is that just me?…

Hope this entertains you as much as it entertained me πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Anything But Perfect”

  1. Hahaha so cute.
    I ALWAYS try on clean clothes and then toss them on the floor when I decide not to wear them. I'm horrible!
    My “closet room” will look super dirty and cluttered and it's 95% clean clothes!

  2. haha that's hilarious, and yes, this happens with my clothes all the time. I usually also have a giant pile of clothes-to-be-drycleaned that sits around for weeks either because I got too lazy to take it to the drycleaner, or because I got too poor from spending money on new clothes instead of paying to get the old ones cleaned ; )

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