Closet Dreaming…

If someone unexpectedly stopped by our apartment tonight (or any night in the past couple months…), it would not be a proud moment for me. With all our international travel and the holidays, I have let the mess get out of control… There are piles of clothes in every nook and cranny (my poor fiancé). Tonight that all comes to an end (I know, you’re jealous. You want to come over and clean with me.).

My looming cleaning spree has me dreaming about my dream walk-in closet. Here are some spaces too beautiful to keep unorganized. If I had one of these I swear I wouldn’t be so messy…. 

{first two images via, last two images of Mariah Carey’s closet (hey, I said they were my dream closets didn’t I?) via}

7 thoughts on “Closet Dreaming…”

  1. um how jealous am I of these closets. Think my clothes would look better in them than they do in my wardrobes. I'd pick number 3 if someone was offering to build me one!

  2. mmm…closet porn. one of my greatest weaknesses! i'm embarassed to admit that i have a relatively large closet (for a city apartment, anyway) and I've not done anything nearly this wonderful with it! in my dreams, though, i have glam girly wallpaper and sweaters organized in rainbow order…

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