Punta del Este

Our time in Punta is almost over. Here are some highlights from our stay:
-Dining with an oceanview at least once a day
-Watching sunset from a romantic little spot we found after climbing over some big rocks
-Walking hand in hand along the boardwalk
-Taking the public bus to Casapueblo… Getting dropped off in the middle of nowhere and trekking to our destination. It was WAY worth it, by the way!
-Lots and lots of Pilsens.
-Seeing a GIANT Sea Lion beg the fisherman for some of their day’s catch (you have to see the pics!)
-Watching a huge fireworks show right outside our apartment window. So close it kinda felt like it was just for us 🙂
-And of course, laying out on the hot sand with my hot man! Hehe

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