Hello There!

{photo of Punta del Este via journeyetc.com}

Happy Friday everyone! Thanks to my MacBook dying on me I can’t really post a ton, which I’m totally bummed about. Thought I’d give you all a quick update… We left Buenos Aires today and took a quick flight to Punta del Este, Uruguay. It’s absolutely GORGEOUS here. If you’ve never heard of it I highly recommend you look it up!

We’re pretty exhausted from the all-day, every-day sightseeing in BA so being at the beach is a welcome change of pace! Our apartment here is fantastic, with ocean views from both the bedroom and living room. I can’t wait to share photos from the trip. We’ve already seen so many amazing things and we still have 8 days of vacation ahead! Wahoooo!

Hope all is well where you are. I admittedly am missing all the Christmas stuff at home and completely plan on cramming all sorts of festive activites (baking cookies, making a gingerbread house, kissing under the mistletoe, listening to Christmas music ALL day long…) into the 10 days we have at home before Christmas!! Enjoy it for me until then 🙂


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  1. Punta del Este looks so beautiful! I guess it's not a bad place to be if you have to miss pre-Christmas activities 🙂

    On Dec. 26 my boyfriend and I are flying to Buenos Aires for a two-week vacation. He's from there, and grew up in BA and Punta del Este, so I'm really excited to finally see Argentina and Uruguay! We're also visiting Iguazu Falls and Montevideo while we're there. I'm looking forward to hearing about your trip, hopefully you can give me some ideas about what to see/what to pass!

    Enjoy the summer weather 🙂

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