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We’re Engaged!!!

Friday, Corey surprised me and showed up in Amsterdam and proposed! We are so incredibly happy and excited and spent the weekend strolling along the canals and romantic streets in Amsterdam. Promise to share more pictures and stories very soon, but for now we are just soaking it all in! Font size

(snapped on my iphone shortly after the proposal!!)

12 thoughts on “We’re Engaged!!!”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS, LIZ!!!! I can't wait to catch up. I can't believe you've been together for TWO years, especially because I remember sitting at a KD meeting the night before (and the Monday after) your FIRST DATE! πŸ™‚ xo, Megs

  2. oh wow! that is so romantic! I love it!
    Congratulations…it's an amazing feeling isn't it? I still can't get used to saying “fiance”!

  3. Congratulations Lizzie! Jenna told me the good news…and what a great story to tell your children. Adorable!

  4. Oh my god he flew to AMSTERDAM to surprise you??!!!! Damn girl! I literally cannot even imagine how surprised and happy you must have felt. I am trying to imagine myself in a foreign country, away from my boyfriend on our two year anniversary, sad and missing him, alone in a hotel room, and then finding out that he had purchased a plane ticket to come be with me in that country and propose to me. I am IMPRESSED. That is like the best proposal ever! Sorry you are getting like 20 comments from me but I'm just now seeing all these posts since I'm new to your blog!

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