Vintage Cake Plates

After moving into our apartment 6 months ago I realized my love for cooking and baking. I find myself completely dorking out over silly kitchen related items. For example, I am dying to buy a cake stand to display my pretty desserts.

Olivia Rae of the cute blog Everyday Musings has an adorable Etsy shop where she sells cake stands made from antique plates. They are beautiful and functional! She says she likes to use them in her kitchen (cakes, cupcakes, fruit…), on her vanity for jewelry and makeup, and as pretty center pieces for her dining room table. I love them!

{images courtesy of Lovely Little Cake Stands}

3 thoughts on “Vintage Cake Plates”

  1. hi Liz,

    I stumbled across your blog today, and its absolutely precious!

    I love the last cake stand best! its quaint yet very modern!

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