A Dreamy Outdoor Oasis

When I think about buying our first house, I find myself thinking about a checklist of wants, instead of needs. For example, I don’t think about number of bedrooms, having a new roof or good plumbing or anything like that. Instead I think about wanting a really, really huge master bathroom with a giant soaker tub, a fireplace in our master bedroom and a lush backyard that I can transform into a romantic and relaxing outdoor living space.

I saw this picture and lost my breath. I could totally see myself napping on that couch, sitting on those poufs as I sipped a cocktail and chatted with friends and best of all, enjoying outdoor dining among the gorgeous greenery. Heaven on earth? Perhaps.

4 thoughts on “A Dreamy Outdoor Oasis”

  1. Oh I am the same way when I think about the house we'll buy. Plumming? Drywall? I don't know… big backyard-um yes. giant tub-a must! This picture is beautiful. I love the neutrals and the bits of color from the yellow and green!

  2. I hear you! I'm just the same. I think about things like gardens (and I don't even have a green thumb!)

    It's so silly, but nice.

  3. Haha, I do the same thing! We just BOUGHT our first house a month ago and that's totally the part I'm focusing on: furnishing the deck. Which makes perfect sense when cash is short, the interior of the house needs work (like paint), the rooms are empty (rugs?), and we're in the Northeast going into fall and winter. Ah, well. Priorities, right? P.S. Just found your blog and really like your finds!

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