Viceroy Palm Springs

I really do love a cold rainy day here and there. It’s perfect for a giant mug of hot cocoa, a big blanket and a snuggle sesh with C. But now that it’s actually here all I’m doing is daydreaming of traveling somewhere hot and sunny (I am in November!). If I could pop onto a plane for a quick getaway right now, I would fly south to Palm Springs and stay at the Viceroy. Doesn’t it look glamorous and relaxing? Love the bright pops of yellow against the black and white decor–so chic. If you could travel somewhere this very minute, where would you go?

{Images courtesy of The Viceroy}

4 thoughts on “Viceroy Palm Springs”

  1. wow, Jaime!! That's so awesome- I'm incredibly jealous 🙂

    And Sara- OF COURSE you and Stephen can come! The more the merrier! We can play in the sun!

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