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{image courtesy of Pix Patisserie}

Corey and I did a great job of not over-planning our weekends this summer. We kind of became snobbish about our relaxation time. There were always plenty of things to do, but we chose not to do them. We stuck to simple activities like strolling through our neighborhood, laying on blankets in parks and going out for breakfast (not too far from home, mind you). I realized through all this time of doing nothing, I’ve racked up quite a list of things I want to do (and eat!). Here are my top five at the moment:

1. Corn Maze & Hay Ride at Kruger’s Farm

2. Try a French Macaron at Pix Patisserie

3. Visit the Portland Art Museum

4. Eat Breakfast at Pine State Biscuits

5. Make this pasta recipe using fresh made pasta from Portland’s famous Pasta Works

What’s on your To Do/To Eat list?

4 thoughts on “To Dos”

  1. 2. LOVE pix!! try more than just their macarons – i adore mini desserts!
    4. totally want to do that too but everytime we go by there, the line stretches WAY out the door. buuuut it might just be worth the wait…

    believe it or not, i've never been to the grotto during christmas time. this is the year. i must go.

  2. I so admire your ability to “just say no” when it comes to activities. Stephen and I waaaay over booked this summer and paid the price. I think this fall we're going to try and adopt the Liz approach. 🙂

  3. Sounds like a fabulous weekend. Did you get through your corn maze? We didn't. One of the things I was looking forward to on our trip was having macarons again (can't find them here) – but I just bought a box of FROZEN macarons at COSTCO to tide me over. They weren't half bad!

  4. I recently moved to Bellingham WA and discovered fresh made pasta! OMG! Ill never go back! I love it! We have the same type of to do list! I love pumpkin hunting and corn mazes!

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