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Have you ever read/used a Wallpaper City GuideI have to admit that despite my love for travel and research, somehow I’d never heard of these little gems. Thanks to the NEO-traditionalist, consider me enlightened. After reading her post I promptly popped across the street to Powell’s (have I ever mentioned I live next door to the World’s largest independent book store?) in hopes of picking up the Buenos Aires edition. To my dismay, they didn’t have it. But I did peruse the Antwerp edition and found that these paperback, pocket-sized guides are perfect for on-location tips and suggestions. They’re small but informative, and written for the design-conscious traveler. While they would be beautiful on display in the apartment, I have a feeling they’d be far too worn in and torn up to display after I took them abroad with me! Have you ever used a Wallpaper City Guide? What did you think?

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  1. I've never read them either,but I have to say i am green with envy that you live across from a bookstore…!! thanks for stopping by today!

  2. They sell these at club monaco. As far as the design is concerned, they're obviously pretty. As far as a functional travel guide – not so much. Would look great on a book shelf though!

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