Proud Portlander

Yes, I want to live in Europe for a couple years. And yes, when I was 18 I swore I hated Oregon (tree-hugging granola people!!!). But I’ve come a long way in my love affair with my home-city. And I’m proud to say that I love it with all my heart and can’t see myself settling down anywhere else. Watch the video to get a glimpse into why I adore it so very much:

You can also watch the video here.
p.s. Thanks Jena!
P.P.S. Video courtesy of Sockeye Creative Inc

3 thoughts on “Proud Portlander”

  1. Thanks for the post, Liz! I have been in Portland for a year now (moved from So Cal) and I can't imagine leaving! You captured the essence with beauty and integrity 🙂

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