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By now, I think you have become familiar enough with my obsession with traveling. I’ve clearly got the bug. My newer obsession is traveling with Corey. I love discovering new places with him by my side. I feel like it bonds you like nothing else can. We’ve been all sorts of places. All around Oregon, Chicago, L.A., Seattle, Costa Rica. And this November we’re adding Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil to the list. I saw this idea on Oh Happy Day! and now I am determined to start our own map pinpointing our growing number of travels. Not only will it be a happy reminder of all of the sights we’ve seen together, but also a way to keep us thinking about future excursions (not that I don’t do that without a map in front of me…). It can be as simple as some tacks on a map, or you could get more elaborate with pictures, postcards, dates. etc. It would make for a great conversation starter!

Don’t you think this is a cute idea? Would you put this up in your home?

3 thoughts on “Map It!”

  1. I had one of these in college after I livedin Italy and loved it.

    The only problem was when I moved. I was hard to transfer everything without ripping the map– which I eventually did on move #5.

    I would recommend mounting a map on a cork board and just hanging the board. Less holes in your wall and easier to move.

  2. Hi Liz! So you've probably/definitely already seen this [http://joelandmorgan.blogspot.com/2011/02/in-name-of-love.html] because it's from Morgan's blog, which I know you read because it's via her blog that I actually discovered YOUR blog {a comment you had left on her most recent post}, butttt this idea she had was supercute and was similar to the whole mapping-where-you-and-your-loved-one-have-been-together thing. She cut out 3D little heart-shaped maps of the places she and her husband had been together, and framed it. I think it looks so good on their wall and am def doing it for my boyfriend! It's different because with a big map on the wall it can be a never-ending ongoing thing that you update with each new trip, but the idea is still similar.

    So I discovered your blog yesterday through Morgans like I said, and have been going through the archives ever since because I can't get enough. I am going to write you an email so that this doesn't become the longest comment ever, but I am just in love with your blog, the things you post about, how you write, your cute little life in Portland, your insaaaanely adorable frenchie {I have an obsession with french bulldogs too, but currrently own a pug}, and a million other things. I love Cup of Jo, Oh Happy Day, and so many of the blogs that you reference too, and I think there's always that point of connection between bloggers when you realize- OH, you like Joanna's blog too, then we would definitely get along! I saw the post you wrote about emailing Joanna to see if full-time bloggers dreaded Mondays as much as us 9-to-5ers do and smiled, because I too have emailed her to ask her questions about how she got to be where she is today and all that jazz. And I have wondered the same things/had the same realizations: which is that I almost prefer to have a corporate 9-to-5 job and then blog on the side, as a creative, fun, outlet…than to make it my entire job to the point where it becomes work, and loses its glamour. I look forward to it so much because it's NOT what I do all day and do think that might change if I worked full-time from home. Anyways, this did become a novel. My bad….I'm still going to email you though because somehow I have so much more to say! I'm excited to get back into your archives : )

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