A New Perspective on Portland

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I really love getting other people’s take on my home city. Joanna has given a couple shout-outs to Portland and I always love a good New York Times nod to the Rose City. This weekend, I stumbled upon this blog, and got sidetracked quite quickly after discovering her quasi-city guide to my fair Portland. Very interesting to see an outsiders point of view, indeed.

Her overall impression upon her first visit:

“Is there something about the water in Portland? “The City of Roses” is too nice people are friendly, service is excellent, and motorists actually give way to pedestrians! I didn’t get honked a single time, much less, ‘Watch where you’re going, bitch!’”

We can almost be a little too nice.

I completely agreed with most of her call-outs: Ken’s Artisan Bakery, Byways Café, Ace Hotel, Kenny & Zukes, Powell’s Books (my neighbor!), Mother’s Bistro, Oba! (first date spot 🙂 )

But I disagree with just a few. One being Cupcake Jones. Anybody who’s anybody knows that St. Cupcake totally takes the cake on that one. And also, pointing out Mary’s Club as a “downtown Portland landmark”. That’s a no-no.

Other than that I found her insights intriguing and entertaining. Hope you will too.

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  1. Okay, I know I am not going to win any points for this one…but I like Cupcake Jones better. Sorry…we had a taste test…the results don't lie 🙂

    I love Portland shout outs too!!

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