Vegetarian-Friendly PGE Park

(image courtesy of Ballpark Digest)

Baseball stadiums are a vegetarian’s worst nightmare. We could be starving and find nothing but a giant batch of garlic fries to skarf down, while all our friends are enjoying a tasty hot dog or a cheeseburger. I nearly passed-out of starvation at a tailgate outside the Chicago White Sox stadium last summer. I planned on partaking in the BBQ feast until I got there and realized nobody accounted for the vegetarian in the group.

Well, there’s good news for Portland vegetarians that happen to be baseball fans: Portland’s PGE Park ranks third in PETA’s lineup of America’s top-10 vegetarian-friendly minor league ballparks. PGE Park is applauded for its selection of Gardenburgers, Gardenburger Philly-style sandwiches, Tofurky veggie dogs, Polish kielbasa, and various salads. Just in case Thirsty Thursday brings on the drunk munchies…

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