50 Dates

(image courtesy of Flickr)

While surfing Le Love I came across this list of 50 dates that are “very definitely not dinner and a movie”, first posted by Gala Darling.

I know this list is great, because even after more than a year and a half together, some of the date ideas would help me learn new things about Corey. And that’s just plain fun! Mix things up and try one (or all). Here are a few of my favs:

Bring your favourite book & read the first chapter aloud
Again, this says a lot about a person. 

“My old neighbourhood” date
Walk around the area you used to live, & tell your date about where you used to ride your bike, what happened on that one lawn, which house was best to hit up on hallowe’en & who the really creepy neighbours were.

Travel without going anywhere
The premise is simple. Have a normal date but speak with an accent. You both have to do it, by the way, or it doesn’t count. Choose something difficult for extra hilarity points, like Scottish or South African. Och aye!

Have a five-course dinner… at different places
Have an appetiser at one place, soup somewhere else, a main here, a dessert there, & coffee at your favourite cafe.

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