Book Club

I so badly want to start a book club. For one thing, I love reading, and for another, I just think it’d be fun to get a bunch of friends together once a month for wine, apps and a little girl-talk. And to discuss the books, of course!

This article on Real Simple’s website lists a number of great summer reads. Here are the one’s that peaked my interest. Maybe they’ll peak yours too, and then we can start a book club!

“A funny, poignant book of 23 essays on love.”– I bet this one would get the girls talkin’.
“A riveting memoir about a widow who discovers that her late husband lived a deceptive double life.”
“An emotional drama about sibling relationships old and new.”
This book “will remind you of your first love and the power of friendship. As the saying goes, ‘You’ll laugh, you’ll cry.’ But, really, you will.”
“A relatively short but deep novel about a deliciously unconventional heroine who finds love on the kind of European road trip most of us only dream about.”

So, any of them strike your fancy? Let’s read and discuss!

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  1. I'm so interested “in the scenic route”, would try to find it at the nearby bookstore. Not really optimistic though. You don't have decent bookstores in Surabaya, sadly… There are only 2 shops selling English books, not that satisfying…

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