Healthy Pizza? Sign Me Up!

(image courtesy of NYT.com)

Corey and I are hosting Juan, Sophia and their new addition, Lourdes, for homemade pizza tonight. After our friend Jaclyn showed us how easy it was to make a pie we bought a stone and tried it out for ourselves. It’s so fun to do, easy to make and perfect for entertaining guests as you can top the yummy dough ($1, trader joe’s) with anything your (and your guest’s) heart desires.

Pizza isn’t usually a healthy option (figures it’s my favorite food), but I came across this article in the New York Times and it has inspired me to try some new methods to make this a healthier option! They suggest using potatoes on pizza, which we’ve tried before, and it wasn’t a hit with the bf. But I’ll definitely take the suggestion on making a “white pizza”– skipping the tomato sauce and substituting fennel, mushrooms or goat cheese instead. Mmm my mouth is watering… Dinner won’t come soon enough!

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